Plant: The planter rolls forward 3 feet, and stops while either a seed or a seedling is dropped into the hole. The mechanical planter clears the ground by 3 feet, so it damages any seedling larger than 3 feet tall.

Cover: The planter rolls forward 3 more feet and shovel-like arms come out and scrape the dirt back into the hole, tamping it down.

When not planting, the planter can move at 10 miles per hour. It requires the Vehicle Proficiency (land vehicles) feat and DC 20 Use Technological Device checks to operate.

Fuel: A mechanical planter consumes 1 vial of phlogiston every hour.

AC 2; HR 5; 80 hp; Size Huge; Weight 900 lb.; Speed 10 mph (90 ft.) (poor); Crew 1; MR 2; TS 4; Craft DC 24; Price 551 gp.

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