51,821 gp

52,312 gp 54,310 54,312 gp 54,315 gp

56,32O gp

Taran icebreaker

Coldrage dagger

Kang the Decapitator

Brain hacker

Azuresong mageblade

Tooth of Eranikus

80,487 gp

84,302 gp

182,320 gp results in actual level loss, but it cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the weapon is wielded. Projectile weapons so crafted bestow the lawful power upon their ammunition.

Moderate abjuration [lawful]; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, protection from chaos, creator must be lawful; Price +2 bonus.


Description: Greatly in demand by rogues of all sorts, weapons with this ability improve the backstab potential of their wielders. The weapons are usually dull gray.

Powers: When used as part of a backstab attack, the wielder receives an additional +1 bonus on his attack roll and deals an extra + 1d6 points of damage on a successful strike. The bonus to hit and damage apply only if the target is not immune to such attacks.

Moderate enchantment; CL 8th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, heroism; Price +1 bonus.


Description: A bane weapon excels at attacking one type or subtype of creature. Images of this creature are carved into it.

Powers: Against its designated foe, the weapon's effective enhancement bonus is +2 better than its normal enhancement bonus. It deals an extra +2d6 points of damage against the foe. Projectile weapons so crafted bestow the bane quality upon their ammunition. To randomly determine a weapon's designated foe, roll on the following table.


Designated Foe

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