2d6 points of damage to all creatures in a 5-foot radius One item on each creature in a 5-foot radius is destroyed (GM's discretion) Every creature in a 5-foot radius loses 1 point of Strength for 2 hours 1d4 points of damage to the creature closest to the generator Knocks unconscious 1d6 creatures within a 15-foot radius

Chaos energy is highly dangerous; some believe it actually is equivalent to arcane magic, although it can be harnessed by tinkers. Any device using chaos energy has a minimum MR of 3.

Political maneuverings by wizards in Theramore have caused the ruling body to declare chaos generators unlawful, but the goblins and some gnomes still manage to research and develop new uses for chaos energy. The Horde hasn't outlawed the usage yet, as it is not arcane magic, but they are suspicious of it because of the similarities.

Bare-bones chaos generators can sell for 1,000 gp in Ratchet; they cost considerably more in the black market of Theramore and other Alliance cities.

The gnomish cloaking device doesn't need to be a cloak, necessarily, but the tinker that created it had a flair for style. To all eyes it is a stylish, gray woolen cloak, but the chaos generator is hidden in a small box that is woven into the cloak at the base of the neck and connected by a thin wire to the brooch that clasps the cloak at the shoulder.

Operation: When the wearer pushes a button set into the brooch (often hidden; a DC 15 Use Technological Device check), the chaos generator revs up and the molecules in the air around the wearer begin to vibrate at a rate that causes the user to appear to become invisible. He gets a +10 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks to hide and can attempt to hide in plain sight (see WoW RPG, Chapter Four: Prestige Classes, "Assassin"). After 1 round, the generator overheats and shuts down, unable to restart for one hour.

Fuel: The chaos generator burns phlogiston at an intense rate; 1 vial of liquid phlogiston can power the gnomish cloaking device for only 5 cycles.

HR 3; 5 hp; Size Tiny; Weight 6 lb.; MR 4; TS 20; Craft DC 40; Price 2,400 gp.

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