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Inscribers learn, through the exploration of the runic mysteries, to cast certain arcanist spells as runes. This change has the following effects on such spells:

The spell must be empowered into a rune, as runes are. The inscriber does this by creating spontaneous, scribed or permanent runes (see Chapter 2: Enchantments, Runes and Brews, "The Runic Art," for details).

• The spell's components change. Runes do not have verbal components, and have somatic components only if the original spell had them. All runes have the material/focus component, even if the spell does not — however, if the original spell possesses a material or focus component, casting that spell as a rune changes the nature of that material or focus to the runes themselves (as with other runes). The only exception is with material components (but not focuses) with a gold piece cost; such components must still be supplied.

• The spell's range remains the same, unless the inscriber casts it as a spontaneous rune, in which case the range is touch.

• See Chapter 2: Enchantments, Runes and Brews, "The Runic Art," Destroying Runes for details on destroying runes.

• The following arcanist spells become marks: 0-level: detect magic, read magic, resistance; 1st-level: charm person, comprehend languages, disguise self, mana shield, protection from evil, shadow meld; 2nd-level: detect thoughts, invisibility, mirror image, reduce person*, resist energy, see invisibility, touch of idiocy; 3rd-level: clairaudience/ clairvoyance, dispel magic (targeted), gaseous form, hold person, nondetection, suggestion, tongues; 4th-level: charm monster, confusion, dimension door, dimensional anchor, geas (lesser), invisibility (greater), locate creature, resilient sphere, stoneskin; 5th-level: break enchantment, dismissal, dominate person, hold monster, sending, telepathic bond; 6th-level: dispel magic (greater) (targeted), geas/quest, true seeing; 7th-level: insanity, scrying (greater), spell turning; 8th-level: sending, discern location, protection from spells.

• See Chapter 3: Power Overwhelming.

• The following arcanist spells become glyphs: 1st-level: identify; 3rd-level: nondetection; 5th-level: passwall; 6th-level: legend lore.

• The following arcanist spells become sigils: 0-level: ghost sound, silent image; 1st-level: alarm; 3rd-level: dispel magic (area), major image; 4th-level: detect scrying, globe of invulnerability (lesser), phantasmal killer, reduce person (mass)*, solid fog; 5th-level: persistent image, wall of force; 6th-level: antimagic field, dispel magic (greater) (area), suggestion (mass) ; 7th-level: banishment, hold person (mass), invisibility (mass), plane shift; 8th-level: telekinetic sphere.

• See Chapter 3: Power Overwhelming.

• Arcanist spells not on the above lists cannot be cast as runes. Spells from other path lists cannot be turned into runes, either. The GM must determine what spells (if any) from the arcanist list that are not in the World of Warcraft RPG core rulebook may be turned into runes.

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