Iron Fish

Description: This single-person vehicle holds enough air to allow for 1 hour of underwater travel. On several occasions, pilots have taken advantage of its powerful engine and thick metal hull to ram — and even sink — other vessels.

Operation: Vehicle Proficiency (water vehicles) to use and DC 30 Use Technological Device checks to operate. Starting an iron fish takes 2 minutes.

Fuel: An iron fish consumes 1 vial of phlogiston every 2 hours.

AC 18; HR 8; 80 hp; Size Huge (3 ft. wide x 12 ft. long); Weight 600 lb.; Speed 60 mph (530 ft.); Maneuverability Rating 5 (excellent); Cargo 200 lb.; Crew 1; MR 2; TS

12; Craft DC 42; Price 5,670 gp. Meat Wagon

Description: A weapon of both destruction and terror, the meat wagon is a vehicle constructed by the Scourge to collect corpses from the field of battle. These corpses can then be flung at the enemy with the meat wagon's catapult or, if the meat wagon carries a necromancer, raised to swell the Scourge's undead ranks.

Operation (Meat Wagon): Vehicle Proficiency (land vehicles) and DC 20 Use Technological Device checks to operate. The meat wagon can automatically gather up to six corpses that it drives over.

Operation (Catapult): The catapult deals 3d6 points of bludgeoning damage and requires two full-round actions to reload. It fire boulders or corpses. It often fires diseased corpses: Living creatures within a 15-foot radius are subject to the disease (inhaled, Fort DC 12, incubation 1d3 days, 1d3 Agy/1d3 Sta).

Fuel: The meat wagon is fueled by damned souls.

HR 5; 320 hp; Size Colossal; Weight 5,000 lb.; Speed 40 feet; Maneuverability Rating 1 (poor); Cargo 600 lb.; Crew 2; MR 1; TS 9; Craft DC 29; Price 1,830 gp.

Catapult: Size Large (weapon category: exotic (catapult), ranged).

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