KhadgaRs Gem of Health

Description: This is a flawless sapphire, set in a platinum circlet, offset by tiny diamonds. The stones seem to glow with their own mystical life. When held or worn by a character, the flickering matches the owner's heartbeat. The first of these special jewels was created by the archmage Khadgar to help keep him alive during his trials. Since then, others have been able to duplicate the creation.

Power: Although the gem is set into a circlet, it need not be worn; it simply must be in contact with the body. One hour after it first touches a character, the light matches the character's heartbeat and she gains a +6 enhancement bonus to Stamina. (This ability does not function for creatures without hearts.) In addition, once per day, the bearer can grasp the jewel and call upon its protection, gaining a +10 circumstance bonus on a single Fortitude save. A character can do this as an immediate action the moment a save is called for, so long as the jewel is touching the owner's skin or is within easy reach. This use taps the power of the gem, and it is dark for 24 hours, allowing access to none of its powers, including the Stamina bonus.

Moderate conjuration; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, power word: fortitude*, 2,000 gp sapphire; Price 76,000 gp; Cost 37,000 gp + 2,960 XP; Weight 1 lb.

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