LavendeR Gate

Description: There is a small, dense grove of lavender that sprang up near a moonwell in Kalimdor, and the local night elves discovered that the herb had soaked in some of the well's energy. The lavender became easy to imbue with divine spells, and the elves sent small pots of lavender out with their traveling allies.

Power: The character who carries the lavender gate is able to transport herself through the plant to another lavender plant as if using the spell transport via plants. As the plant she carries is small, she is only able to transport herself and her equipment; she can bring no one else with her. The plant can be used any number of times per day; however, when the owner uses it, the plant does not travel with her to her destination, and she must retrieve it if she wishes to use it again.

Moderate conjuration; CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, transport via plants; Price 23,760 gp; Cost 11,880 gp + 950 XP; Weight 5 lb.

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