Lchemical Concoctions

lchemical concoctions follow the normal Craft rules for creating items. Each also requires an alchemy feat; see Chapter 1: Spell Slingers and Gear Grinders, for these feats. Remember that bonuses from philters and alchemical oils don't stack with any other bonuses.

Alchemical products are loosely grouped into four levels of complexity or difficulty to create; in ascending order, they are Journeyman, Expert, Artisan and Master products. There is a corresponding alchemy feat for each level of difficulty, which is a prerequisite to the creation of any product of that level.

Each alchemical product lists its effects followed by a line of statistics that includes the following (in this

Herbalism and Alchem my

Because of the large amount of herbal ingredients used in the preparation of alchemical products, many journeyman alchemists are also skilled herbalists. In order to avoid dealing with exhaustive lists of ingredients for each alchemical product and a system of herbalism that accurately reflects the kinds of herbs found in various places, use the following system.

Because herbalists are always gathering the materials they need as they travel or wander the wilderness, alchemists who possess ranks of Profession (herbalist) or are aided by someone with that skill gain an effective gold piece value towards the creation of their alchemical mixtures, based on the kind of alchemical mixture and the ranks in Profession (herbalist). This value cannot pay for more than half of the product's creation cost, however.

Journeyman: Each rank in Profession (herbalist) effectively grants 1 gp toward the creation of the product.

Expert: Each rank in Profession (herbalist) effectively grants 2 gp toward the creation of the product.

Artisan: Each rank in Profession (herbalist) effectively grants 5 gp toward the creation of the product.

Master: Each rank in Profession (herbalist) effectively grants 10 gp toward the creation of the product.

For example, Cybele possesses 8 ranks of Profession (herbalist) and is creating a lesser healing draught, which costs 160 gp to buy, or 53 gp and 33 sp to create with Craft (alchemy). Because each rank of Profession (herbalist) is worth 2 gp towards the creation of expert-level alchemical concoctions, she is assumed to have herbs worth 16 gp of the total necessary. At the height of her herbalist career, with 15 ranks in Profession (herbalist), Cybele effectively has 30 gp towards the creation of that item; however, because herbalism can only reduce that cost by up to half, she is assumed to match 26 gp, 16 sp of it.

order): type of concoction (draught, philter, alchemical oil or transmutation); prerequisites (including ranks in Craft (alchemy) and alchemy feats); and price (the cost to buy the concoction on the market; the price of the raw materials is usually 1/3 this amount, as discussed in the Craft skill description in WoW RPG, Chapter 5: Skills). The creator must meet all prerequisites in order to create the item.

Journeyman Alchemical Products

The following alchemical products require the creator to have the Journeyman Alchemist feat to create. Alchemical products of journeyman level require no special tools to create, though possession of an alchemist's kit or alchemist's lab grants a +2 circumstance bonus on the necessary Craft (alchemy) checks. The DCs for creating journeyman-level products are as follows:


Craft DC

Minor Healing Draught

0 0

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