Lightning HaRnesseR

Description: The steam armor suit includes a large power core, and wires connect to it and crawl across the armor's surface.

Powers: When activated, the power core electrifies the suit. Unarmed attacks, or attacks with metal melee weapons, deal +1d6 additional points of electricity damage. Creatures striking the armor with unarmed attacks or metal melee weapons take 1d6 points of electricity damage. A creature grappling with the armor takes 3d6 points of electricity damage per round. Equipment Slot: 1.

Activation: DC 15 Use Technological Device check Duration: 10 rounds (The power core needs 30 minutes to recharge between uses. Alternatively, if the armor also includes an antishock array, after the antishock array protects against 20 points of electricity damage, the battery is recharged.) MR: 1

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