Description: A common wizard's tool in Azeroth, the magister's rod is a thin, blackened staff of metal with a small disk at its tip. The mage's personal signet is etched on the disk in runes that flare whenever the bearer employs its powers.

Powers: These rods allow the wielder to regain a used spell slot. The spell slot is available just as if it had not been used. The spell must be of a particular level, depending on the rod. Copper rods regain 1st -level slots, silver rods recall 2nd-level slots, gold rods recall 3rd-level slots, mithril rods recall 4th-level slots, truesilver rods recall 5th-level slots, and arcanite rods recall 6 th-level slots. The rod may also be enchanted with magic runes; these grant the bearer a +5 competence bonus on Concentration checks involving spells.

Strong transmutation; CL 17th; Craft Rod; Price Copper: 1,000 gp, Runed Copper: 3500 gp, Silver: 4,000 gp, Runed Silver 6500 gp, Gold 9,000 gp, Runed Gold 11,500 gp, mithril 16,000 gp, runed mithril 18,500 gp, truesilver 25,000 gp, runed truesilver 27,500 gp, arcanite 36,000 gp, runed arcanite 38,500 gp.

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