Magisters Regalia

History: These enchanted vestments were originally fashioned by the master craftsmen of the Kirin Tor, the reigning magical council of Dalaran before the Third War. Only Dalaran's most elite archmagi are deemed worthy enough to don this astonishing attire.

Description: Magister's regalia is crafted from the finest crimson silk, accented with purple velvet and trimmed with gold cord. The belt is studded with small emeralds and the flowing robes are set with a single brilliant emerald above the heart. The sleeves are flared and hide many small pouches for spell components. The gloves are open-fingered for easy retrieval and manipulation of spell components.

Loot Planning The cheapest item in the magister's regalia is 8,000 gp, which should not be available to a player before 5th or 6th level. Since the second cheapest item increases the total value to 48,400 gp (boots, plus either gloves or belt, plus the 2-item set bonus) the second item should not be available prior to perhaps 11th level. It is appropriate to add another set item every level or two after that until the set is complete (13th, 15th, 16th and 17th level). Keep in mind the total value of a player's gear, including set bonuses, when considering when to provide additional loot.

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