Mechanical Repair

Description: No self-respecting tinker would be without her mechanical repair kit. The bare kit is sold in a large, black leather case. It has room for a goblin army knife, a coil of spidersilk rope, gloves and goggles (the full case comes with all of these items, and is often given to tinkers upon ending their apprenticeships).

The item that is in the crowning glory of the mechanical repair kit is the repair bot, a small construct that can crawl over devices from weapons to vehicles and tighten every nut and bolt, testing for small fissures and cracks. When it finds damage, the bot whistles until someone comes to investigate.

Operation: DC 10 Use Technological Device to use. The bot takes 5 minutes to charge up, and 1 minute to cover 1 square foot.

Fuel: The repair bot uses 1 vial of liquid phlogiston for every 3 hours of use.

Malfunction: The bot crawls over the device loosening nuts and bolts, increasing its MR by +2 (DC 20 Spot check to notice).

HR 3; 5 hp; Size Tiny; Weight 10 lb.; MR 2; TS 2; Craft DC 30; Price 154 gp.

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