Miners Buddy

Description: Although some elderly dwarves claim to be able to tell if a vein of silver or gold lies in cave just by tasting a rock inside, younger dwarves cannot replicate this skill and assume it's a tale told by old-timers to frustrate the younger miners. But tinkers have made the next best thing.

Operation: The miner's buddy consists of a hammer attached to a series of electrically charged cables (100-foot range), leading to a series of bells. Pulling back the hammer and letting it swing forward to hit the cave wall (a DC 15 Use Technological Device check) causes the force to travel through the cords to the bells. If there is gold or silver (or other usable ore) in the hill, the machine recognizes the difference in the returning waves and indicates it by sounding the chimes. Each ore has a different-sounding chime.

The miner's buddy has a 20% failure rate due to weather conditions, temperature and moisture situations. If the chimes do not sound, listeners do not know whether it is because the area contains no ore or if other situations cause the device to fail. It takes 5 rounds to charge properly.

Fuel: The miner's buddy uses 1 vial of phlogiston for every 20 uses.

HR 5; 20 hp; Size Medium; Weight 200 lb.; MR 5; TS 2; Craft DC 32; Price 102 gp.

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