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Item Cost

Alchemy Kit 50 gp

Alchemy Kit, Masterwork 100 gp

Vial Bandolier 10 gp

Vial Belt 5 gp

Alchemy Kit: This is a small bag filled with the tools for creating alchemical mixtures while in the field or away from a lab. It includes space for a dozen vials. An alchemy kit is required when creating expert- or artisan-level alchemical items.

Alchemy Kit, Masterwork: As the alchemy kit, but it grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks.

Vial Bandolier: The vial bandolier holds up to 20 vials for potions and alchemical mixtures, allowing such vials to be drawn (but not consumed) as a free action. They are sufficiently braced to avoid breakage in most instances, short of the wearer rolling a 1 on a saving throw (in which case they are subject to normal item damage, as other equipment; see WoW RPG, Chapter 15: Spellcasting, "Spell Descriptions," Saving Throw).

Vial Belt: As the vial bandolier, but the vial belt holds up to 10 vials in easily accessible reach, allowing them to be drawn as a free action.

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