Motion Pattern

Site: The ley line pattern that forms the basis for the Motion pattern can be found in a series of intricate canyons in the Badlands, wherein all manner of fast-moving creatures can be found. Those who move quickly within this area find their movement inexplicably increased by +10 feet.

Attunement: Your base land speed increases by +10 feet as long as you wear light armor or no armor.

Motion Pattern Runes

0 Mark of Lesser Speed: Subject's speed improves by +10 feet.

1 Glyph of Safefall: Object falls slowly.

2 Mark of Speed: Subject's speed increases by + 30 feet and he gains a +10 bonus on Climb and Jump checks.

3 Mark of Flying: Subject flies at speed of 60 feet.

4 Sigil of Lesser Transportation: Teleports creatures a short distance.

5 Sigil of Transportation: Teleports creatures anywhere on the plane.

6 Mark of Motion: Subject can climb, burrow, fly and swim.

7 Sigil of Greater Transportation: Teleports creatures to any plane.

8 Glyph of Opening: Opens a passage through door or wall.

9 Sigil of Ultimate Transportation: Sigil teleports creatures to designated spot, by trigger.

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