Nagahunter Submariner Pack

Description: The nagahunter submariner pack was refined by gnomish inventors exploring the seas off the coast of Kalimdor. Frequent run-ins with sentient aquatic humanoids and aggressive crustaceans forced the gnomes to devise a method of surviving brutal underwater combat in specially constructed steam armor. In some cases such steam armor is attached to submarines of gnomish design, allowing the armor to deploy off the submarine and dock to resupply.

Powers: A nagahunter submariner pack allows a Medium or Large suit of steam armor to move at its full speed underwater (walking, not swimming), while remaining watertight and holding an air supply that lasts for a full 24 hours.

Huge suits of steam armor can move underwater at half their normal speed. These suits can contain larger air reserves and hold enough air for 48 hours of operation. Equipment Slots: 2

Duration: 24 hours (Medium or Large armor) or 48 hours (Huge armor) MR: 4

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