Nikkles Fabulous Silken Cloth

Description: There are no official records of a mage of Dalaran by the name of Nikkle. Many mages deny her existence because she used magic for an unthinkable reason: She had fun with it. She had no desire to use magic for offense or even defense; she preferred to delight children with her skills. She had the skill to make powerful magic items, and still used them only as an act. As she was drummed out of Dalaran before the Scourge came, no one knows where she is. All that's left of her questionable legacy is a piece of black silk about 8 feet square.

Power: Once per day, when a character covers an object completely with this cloth and says a command word, the object transforms into another as if she had cast polymorph any object. With another command word, she can change it back; otherwise it reverts to its original form in one hour.

Strong transmutation; CL 15th; Craft Wondrous Item, polymorph any object; Price 43,200 gp; Cost 21,600 gp + 1,728 XP; Weight 1 lb.

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