Noggenfogger Elixir

Description: This dark green substance resembles an oil at first glance. It is so thick and viscous that some feel imbibing it is more like eating an oyster — the stuff must be swallowed whole.

The renowned goblin alchemist Marin Noggenfogger was the first to create this bizarre concoction. The elixir requires a variety of strange ingredients, including the moisture found within the exceptionally rare thistleshrub dew collectors found only in the Tanaris Desert. The means to create Noggenfogger elixir is a secret known only to a few goblin alchemists, who guard the secret jealously.

Noggenfogger elixir is typically sold in bottles of 5 doses, although this varies depending on the vendor. The price below is for a single dose.

Powers: When consumed, Noggenfogger elixir has a random effect that lasts for 10 minutes. Roll 1d10 and consult the chart below:

Die Roll Effect

1-5 Breathless: The imbiber takes on a skeletal appearance and does not need to breathe for the duration of the effect. Thus, for example, he can move around underwater without fear of drowning, and can ignore any gas attacks or magic that attacks through the lungs.

6-8 Smaller: The imbiber shrinks to 50% of normal size, as if a reduce person*spell was used upon him. However, this effect stacks with reduce person* and similar magic, allowing the consumer to potentially shrink by two size categories if combined with such powers. Additional applications of this Noggenfogger elixir effect do not stack.

9-10 Lighter: The imbiber receives the effect of a slow fall spell for the duration of the effect. Additionally, his weight and that of all his gear is reduced by one-quarter, providing a +5 circumstance bonus on Jump checks.

Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, alter self, reduce person*, slow fall; Price 350 gp; Cost 175 gp + 14 XP

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