During the War of the Ancients, magic crafters sought to enhance the power of the items they created in an effort to stem the tide of the Burning Legion's invasion. They discovered a method to focus magic energy through special ceremonies that bound various items together into sets. These items are ordinary magic items when separated, but gain tremendous power when brought together and worn by a single user.

Sets always include at least two magic items from different body slots. The sets crafted during the War of the Ancients typically include a helm, a robe or suit of armor, a belt, bracers, gloves and boots. Sets are defined by the bonuses they provide as the pieces are brought together and worn by a single user. If the wearer dons two or more items of the same set, she gains additional bonuses based on the number of set items that she wears. These additional bonuses are called set bonuses, and they stack. For example, if a user wears three items from the same set, that user gains all of the set bonuses appropriate to having two items and three items.

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