PoRtA PoRteR

Description: This simple-looking chest looks like most wooden chests wealthy travelers use. It has standard storage, a brass clasp and lock, and strong oak construction.

Operation: When the owner flips a hidden switch next to the lock (a DC 10 Use Technological Device check), 100 tiny mechanical feet come out of the bottom, lifting the chest. The feet carry the chest as far as the owner directs it (or until the fuel runs out), following the owner (who directs it with clicks and whistles). The porter needs 4 rounds to charge up.

Fuel: The port-a porter uses 1 vial of phlogiston for every 4 hours of travel.

HR 15; 10 hp; Size Small; Weight 75 lb.; MR 2; TS 4; Cargo: 200 lb.; Craft DC 30; Price 733 gp.

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