PoRtable Hole

Description: A portable hole is a circle of cloth woven from the silk of spider in Ashenvale influenced by the proximity of the moonwells. Strands of ether and starlight strengthen the silk. Secret groups of high elves and humans venture into the forest to harvest the silk.

Power: Opened fully, the cloth creates a circle 6 feet in diameter, but it can fold small enough to appear as a handkerchief. When spread upon any surface, it causes an extra dimensional space 10 feet deep to come into being. The hole can be picked up by taking hold of the cloth and folding it. Either way, the entrance disappears but anything inside remains.

The only air in the hole is that which enters when the hole opens. It can sustain one Medium creature or two Small creatures for 10 minutes. The cloth does not accumulate weight.

Moderate conjuration; CL 12th; Craft Wondrous Item, plane shift; Price 20,000 gp; Cost 10,000 gp + 800 XP

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