Powering Tech Mod Devices

The majority of complex tech-mods rely on a power source in order to activate and maintain their abilities. The most common power source is a phlogiston furnace, a bulky, steam-powered assembly that is worn like a backpack, or built onto a larger device as an add-on or upgrade. Phlogiston furnaces typically connect to a tech-mod item through an armored cable that acts as a conduit between the phlogiston furnace and the item itself.

Another type of device used to power tech-mod devices is called a power core, a special type of power source developed by gnomish engineers. The power core is a technological battery that holds a charge used to power the tech-mod item.

As an alternative yet reliable method of powering a device, goblins often turn to a crank driven arcanite inducer. Cranking an arcanite inducer can provide a tech-mod item with a single charge; the inducers often have a built in power core, and can store charges for an indefinite time. Arcanite inducers also vary in size. Most can be worn like a phlogiston furnace, though some larger goblin devices have a unicycle or pedal assembly attached to so that pedal power can provide a constant flow of energy to the item.

Each type of power source carries or produces a number of charges of energy. These charges aren't to be confused with charges for magic items (and can't be used with magic items), but they operate in the same way. Each time the user activates a tech-mod item ability, one charge (or more) is consumed from the power core.

Tech-mod items are easily adaptable to available power sources, but the following are the only methods of providing a tech-mod item with a charge other than integrating it into a device that already has a phlogiston furnace. In those cases, the energy demands are taken into account when integrating the tech-mod item into the larger technological device. Item: The name of the item

Output/Capacity: This is the number of charges a device can hold or provide.

MR: Malfunction Rating. Activating (in the case of phlogiston furnaces) or installing a power source (in the case of power cores or arcanite inducers) into a piece of equipment requires a DC 15 Use Technological Device check; if the roll is equal to or below the MR, the device malfunctions. Market Price: How much the item costs to purchase on the open market.

Craft DC: The DC of the Craft (technological device) check to create the item.

TS: The item's Technology Score, which is important in creating the device.

Weight: The item's weight in pounds.

Tech-Mod Power Sources

Arcanite Inducer: This is a crank or clockwork powered source of energy for tech-mod items. The arcanite inducer uses revolving plates of arcanite to induce a voltaic charge that is then funneled into a storage core within the inducer. The charges remain until used, but each device can store only a certain number of charges.

Charging an arcanite inducer requires an arcanite crank.

Arcanite Crank: Using mechanical advantage, an arcanite crank can provide an emergency charge to an arcanite inducer. The crank attaches to the arcanite inducer, and the person operating it then furiously turns the crank to create a charge.

Ten rounds of cranking creates a single charge.

Each time the crank is used to create a charge, roll a d20. If the result is equal to or less than the arcanite inducer's w o ft il

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