Description: Villages in the sun-baked Barrens helped fund the construction of this incredible device, able to summon storm clouds from a clear sky. The rainmaker is so large that it has an engineer and wheeled tracks that allow it to be driven from town to town like a vehicle, with a small cabin on the front that acts as a control room for the machine and living quarters for the two-person crew.

Operation: Driving the rainmaker from one place to another requires the Vehicle Proficiency (land vehicles) feat and DC 15 Use Technological Device checks to operate. Operating the weather control machinery of the rainmaker requires a DC 25 Use Technological Device check and 1 hour.

When the rainmaker is activated, clouds immediately form and gather in the sky. Within an hour the clouds become thick and heavy with moisture. Heavy rain falls shortly thereafter, and it continues to rain steadily in a 2-mile radius centered on the device for 2d6 hours thereafter. In particularly cold weather, the rain manifests as heavy snow, dropping 1d4 inches of snow per hour.

Side effects of operating the rainmaker include heavy winds and the incredible noise generated by the rainmaker when it is in operation (DC -10 Listen check to hear).

Fuel: The rainmaker consumes 10 vials of phlogiston every hour when making rain. It consumes 2 vials of phlogiston every hour when driving.

HR 5; 320 hp; Size Colossal (60 ft. long x 30 ft. wide x 20 ft. tall); Weight 42,000 lb.; Speed 20 mph (165 ft.); MR 3; TS 25; Craft DC 90; Price 61,845 gp.

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