Restoration Pattern

Site: In the Valley of Dulvarinn, found in the Moonglade, the herbs and plants have a variety of incredible uses, from nigh-indestructible thread to healing balms. It is from the ley line pattern in this valley that the Restoration pattern is derived.

Attunement: You gain a +4 bonus on saves against poisons and diseases. Additionally, you heal ability damage at double the normal rate.

RestoRation PatteRn Runes

0 Mark of Lesser Restoration: Ends dazes and dazzled conditions.

1 Mark of Vigor: Removes fatigue or alleviates exhaustion.

2 Glyph of Mending: Repairs an object.

3 Sigil of Purification: Restores the land and repairs crops.

4 Mark of Purification: Immunizes subject against poison, detoxifies venom.

5 Mark of Freedom: Subject moves normally despite impediments.

6 Mark of Restoration: Subject is restored to normal mental function.

7 Mark of Greater Restoration: Restores all lost levels and ability scores.

8 Mark of Resurrection: Fully restores dead subject.

9 Mark of Regeneration: Subject gains fast healing 20.

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