Reticle Lens

Description: Ranged combat is a common occurrence in Azeroth thanks to the invention of the firearm. In order to enhance the abilities of steam armor and the use of ranged weapons, the reticle lens was created. Using a luminescent alchemical compound and a special weapon attachment, the reticle lens grants the operator of a steam armor superior targeting capabilities with firearms. The operator gazes through the lens, and a glowing alchemical crosshair allows the operator to line up the sights of her weapon with her target with an increased level of accuracy.

Powers: The reticle lens grants the operator a +2 circumstance bonus on ranged attacks. Equipment Slots: 1 (head)

Activation: DC 10 Use Technological Device check Duration: 10 rounds MR: 1

Craft DC: 24 Cost: 1,500 gp

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