Robe of Bones

Description: Making its first appearance during the war with the Scourge, This black robe appears unremarkable until the wearer puts it on; at that point he notices it is adorned with small figures embroidered in silver depicting undead creatures. Only the wearer can see the embroidery and recognize the creatures for what they are. The Lich King owns several of these robes, and the Forsaken pay top coin for them.

Power: The wearer can detach the figures, one per round. Detaching a figure causes it to become an actual undead creature (see the list following). The undead is not under the wearer's control, but may be subsequently commanded or rebuked. A newly created robe of bones always has two figures of each of the following undead: Small goblin skeletal warrior Medium human commoner skeletal warrior Medium wolf skeleton Small goblin zombie Medium human commoner zombie Medium wolf zombie

When all of the figures have been removed, the robe is no longer magical.

Moderate necromancy (evil); CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, animate dead; Price 2,400 gp; Cost 1,200 gp + 96 XP; Weight 1 lb.

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