Rope Weaver

Description: The tinker who came up with this handy device had plenty of time to think of it when he was laying at the bottom of a cliff with two broken legs, hoping for rescue. He'd used up all of his rope previously to get down a steep ravine and hadn't been able to retrieve it. He traveled on and attempted to climb down the next steep grade without aid, and fell.

He didn't need more rope, he'd determined. That wouldn't work; he'd have to leave all his other equipment at home due to the weight. He needed a way to make more rope at a moment's notice. The first thing he did upon rescue was to demand parchment to draw up his design.

Operation: The rope weaver is a small spinning wheel with mechanical arms coming out of the side. The user feeds grass, vines, and other flora into the hands, which starts the machine. The hands twist and prime the materials, bringing a thin copper wire to wrap around the rope. It is less portable than the tinker would have liked, but he still concluded it was worthwhile.

It takes a DC 15 Survival check to find appropriate flora for the rope, and a DC 15 Use Technological Device check to use the device. It takes the rope weaver 1 hour to make 100 feet of rope. It has a +5 bonus on Craft (rope) checks. The rope has the same statistics as standard hemp rope.

HR 5; 10 hp; Size Small; Weight 45 lb.; MR 1; TS 3; Craft DC 53; Price 2,100 gp.

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