Rune Feats

Rune feats apply only to the use of runes; however, an inscriber who learns arcanist spells as runes may apply these effects to the empowerment of those runes, as well. In addition to metamagic and item creation feats, an inscriber arcanist may take rune feats as arcanist bonus feats.

Runes and Mecamagic

Though the specifics of the spellcasting process differ from the details of runic empowerment, those who understand the techniques for casting normal spells more powerfully also understand how to do likewise for runes they may empower. Thus, all metamagic feats apply normally to rune-casting, as well.

Benefit: You learn an additional runic pattern.

Special: You can take this feat any number of times. Each time, it applies to a new rune pattern.

Alchemical Specialty [Alchemy]

Some alchemists focus on certain kinds of alchemical preparations, specializing in their creation.

Prerequisites: Journeyman Alchemist, Craft (alchemy) 6 ranks.

Benefit: Choose one of the four kinds of alchemical preparation: philter, draught, alchemical oil or transmutation. You gain a +3 bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks when creating or otherwise dealing with those kinds of alchemical products. Additionally, the base cost for creating those products is reduced by 25%.

Alchemists Consrirurion [QeneRal]

Addirional ParreRn [Rune]

Those runemasters who apply themselves to seeking understanding of runes are able exceed their normal limits.

Prerequisites: Intellect 13, runemaster 3rd level; you must find a mentor to teach you the pattern.

Alchemists know that some people have heartier constitutions, allowing them to more quickly assimilate the power of alchemical draughts.

Prerequisites: Sta 13.

Benefit: You need only wait 15 minutes between taking draughts (see Chapter 2: Enchantments, Runes and Brews).

Normal: Characters must normally wait an hour between taking draughts.

The knowledge of the artisan alchemist is vast, indeed. He is capable of creating impressively powerful substances that can heal, protect and destroy. So intense w o ft

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