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Most steam armor is more than just a collection of furnaces, armor plates and technological gizmos. A cunning steam warrior makes the most of his steam armor, adding components to it to increase its capabilities and its potential in battle. This means a variety of mounted equipment, weapons, integrated technological systems and other inventions.

There are three types of steam armor equipment: weapons, shields and systems. Weapons deal damage. Shields are methods of defense. Systems are miscellaneous pieces of equipment that add to the steam armor's functions.

Installing a piece of equipment on a suit of steam armor requires a DC 20 Craft (technological device) check and 1 hour per equipment slot that the device occupies. Removing the piece takes half this time and another DC 20 Craft (technological device) check.

In addition to a general description, each piece of equipment includes the following information:

Equipment Slots: The number of equipment slots needed to install the equipment. Some pieces of equipment are limited to specific body slots.

Activation: What is required to activate the piece of equipment (usually a standard action). If this entry is absent, the device is use-activated (it activates automatically through normal use as long as the armor is active). If activation requires a Use Technological Device check, the character takes a -4 penalty on this check unless he has the Vehicle Proficiency (steam armor) feat (see Chapter 1: Spell Slingers and Gear Grinders).

Duration: The amount of time a piece of equipment continues to operate before it needs to be reactivated, or how long its effect lasts. If this entry is absent, the equipment functions until the steam armor is destroyed (reduced to 0 hit points) or the operator turns it off (usually as a free action).

MR: The item's Malfunction Rating. If using the item does not require a die roll, it malfunctions based on the Use Technological Device check to activate the armor and in extraordinary circumstances. See Chapter 11: Technological Devices in the World of Warcraft RPG book for more information.

TS Modifier: Add this modifier to the armor's base TS to ascertain the armor's overall Technology Score (see World of Warcraft RPG, Chapter 11: Technological Devices). If this entry is absent, the device does not affect the armor's Technology Score. You cannot add a piece of equipment to a suit of steam armor if the equipment would increase the armor's TS beyond your Technological Limit.

Craft DC: The DC of the Craft (technological device) checks required to create the device.

Cost: The cost of the raw components required to build the device. The device's market price is three times this amount.

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