Storm pattern

Site: The mountains around the glorious city of Stormwind Keep have an impressive ley line pattern that is responsible for the occasional sudden squalls that give Stormwind its name.

Attunement: You can unfailingly predict the weather one day in advance, granting you an effective +4 bonus on Survival checks to survive adverse weather. You also gain electricity resistance 5.

StoRm Partem Runes

0 Mark of Fair Weather: Subject gains a +2 bonus on saves against weather hazards.

1 Glyph of Sweet Air: Ranged weapon ignores penalties for buffeting winds.

2 Mark of the Airwalker: Subject rises on the winds, moving straight up.

3 Glyph of Thunder: Object sounds a peal of thunder when it is used to strike, or is struck.

4 Mark of the Stormrider: Subject gains the ability to fly on storm winds and electricity resistance 10.

5 Glyph of Lightning: Object unleashes a blast of lightning when it is used to strike, or is struck.

6 Sigil of Spring Rain: Area receives precipitation as though it were spring in that locale.

7 Sigil of the Levin-Curse: Area gains a higher likelihood of being struck by lightning during a storm.

8 Mark of the Cyclone Tamer: Subject is swept up in a cyclone that moves at incredible speeds and prevents attacks.

9 Sigil of the Maelstrom: Area attracts devastating weather.

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