Structural Enhancement

Description: The steam armor gains a series of cutting-edge modifications to its superstructure.

Powers: The steam armor gains an additional 50 hit points. A suit of steam armor can undergo structural enhancement multiple times, gaining 50 additional hit points each time, but it can never have more than twice its starting hit points (as noted in Table 5-4: Steam Armor Sizes).

Each time a suit of steam armor is structurally enhanced, it loses one equipment slot. Equipment Slot: 1 (equivalent) Craft DC: 30 TS Modifier: +4

Cost: One-half the steam armor's base cost (as noted on Table 5-4: Steam Armor Sizes).

Technoiogica- Devices

Goblin army boots. Probability generators. Wizard gags. Suggestion boxes. Those fabulous gnomes and their flying — and diving — machines. Amazing things to do with glue, fire, phlogiston and explosives.

This section is dedicated to those tools of havoc, the gear of bedlam, the technological marvels of Azeroth. You got a sampling of the technological devices available to you in World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game, but here is a more varied selection of devices available to those both brave and foolhardy.

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