Technological Device Listings

Every device is listed in alphabetical order by name, followed by a detailed description, much like the magic items. A statistics block follows the description. Statistics include Armor Class (AC); hardness (HR); hit points (hp); Size; weight in pounds; top speed (Spd) in miles per hour, with maneuverability rating noted in parentheses; cargo capacity (Cargo); number of crew members needed (Crew); market value (Price) in gold pieces; item creation DC (Craft DC); and Malfunction Rating (MR).

For weapons, the statistics include the weapon's classification (for example, exotic (firearms), ranged, two-handed). Most firearms can be fired in one hand, and follow the rules for the long rifle or the flintlock pistol for doing so (see Chapter 9: Weapons and Armor in WoW RPG). Technological weapons, unless otherwise noted, threaten a critical hit on a 20 and deal double damage on a successful critical hit, except for firearms, which deal triple damage on a critical hit.

Not all devices list every statistic; in case of an omission, the statistic is either not applicable or is the same for a standard piece of equipment, weapon or similar object.

See World of Warcraft the Roleplaying Game, Chapter 11: Technological Devices for more information on tech devices and their format.

Additional Technological Device FeatuRes Table 11-2: Technological Device Features in Chapter 11 of WoW RPG includes a good number of features for technological devices, including their Technology Scores. The following are several additional features that supplement that table.


Basic mechanical function* Bonus on attack rolls Bonus on skill checks

Technology Score

0 0

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