Technology and Goblins

Goblins share the gift of technology with gnomes, yet they have a much more sinister and devious method of putting technology to use. Goblins revel in the destructive power of their devices, and their lack of discipline often manifests in unreliability in the field. A goblin inventor is more likely to die using one of his own devices than he is to be killed on the field of war. Notorious for malfunctioning in catastrophic displays of explosive power, goblin technology is better left to those who need a big payoff with substantial risk.

The goblin race's independence makes them a reckless force, with little restraint as to what they are willing to build or create. Luckily goblins have little discipline for research and development unless it produces wealth, and most if not all of the grander experiments they begin are aborted due to sudden interest in another branch of technological development.


Some tinkers are skilled at adapting mundane items into technological marvels. These modifications can change even a regular weapon into a dangerous work of artifice. Most tinkers specialize in modifying weapons, armor and other pieces of equipment that typically prove useful in hurting things.

Many tinkers call this process "modding"; tech-mods are technologically based special abilities that can be built into mundane items. The cost of this process is relatively low in comparison to magic items and other technological devices; however, tech-mod weapons and armor are prone to mechanical failure just as any other device is, and many require power sources in order to operate.

Tech-mod devices require charges, and draw these charges from technological sources only: furnaces, cores or other items that can provide a technological item with power.

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