Technology versus Magic

Both technology and magic have advantages. Magic items don't require power sources, don't need constant repair, don't risk malfunction, and usually benefit their users without any investment of time or energy other than some preparation. A few mumbled words, a wave of the hand, and some rare herbs are often enough to create some spectacular effect. Undoubtedly magic is powerful, but it is also an elite and difficult craft to master. Technology, on the other hand, can be mastered by anyone with the mental faculties to comprehend it.

Technology most importantly relies on the skills necessary to master it. The most innovative of technologists are those with keen minds and a genius for invention. These are the individuals who can learn the craft of technology to its fullest, finding new methods and means to surpass the technology others have discovered and use it to their advantage.

Magic relies on the powers of elements and manipulating the natural order, and this has had significant impact on Azeroth. Demons have laid siege to the world, great monuments have been destroyed, and dark powers have arisen all through the power of magic. For everything magic gives, it takes away as well. Sacrifice is required — and often the sacrifice can be one's own soul, as the corrupting effects of fel and necromantic energies prove.

The use of technology empowers the individual without requiring sacrifice other than the time and materials invested in creating. Devices built by others don't even need an investment of time other than what is required to learn how to operate them. Still, where magic may be volatile, powerful and corrupting, it is typically reliable. When a piece of technology malfunctions the results can be disastrous.

The practice of the arcane is well embedded in the ways of many cultures, while the less magically inclined races more readily undertake technology. With the birth of technology, the potential of its power spreads through Azeroth, and the tinker has become a formidable and often sought-after sage of things that click, tick, tock and clunk.

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