TRap ThumpeR

Description: Pressure plates, razor traps and needles in locks are all rapid routes to a quick demise or at least substantial personal injury. When stealth isn't an issue and time is abundant, the trap thumper is the best way to check a hallway, door or lock to trigger any countermeasures left for the unwary.

The trap thumper resembles a spring-loaded, 3-foot-tall heavy leather bag with two short feet. The device also has an armature probe for checking locks.

Operation: Winding the trap thumper sets it into one of three modes.

Thumping: When set in this mode, the clumsy leather creation hops up and down, traveling forward at a speed of 10 feet to a preset distance (up to 100 feet, decided by the activator). This pattern sets off any pressure plates, triggers or pit traps in the thumper's path.

Probing: In this mode, the device extends the armature and pokes the end of it into a lock or hole to see if there are any traps within. A leather pad indicates pinpricks or bites, and a small, soft felt tip on the end of the probe becomes damp when exposed to poison. The "finger" of the trap thumper probes up to 10 times before requiring a replacement pad (5 gp).

Baiting: This is the most innovative mode. The thumper crawls forward at a speed of 30 feet to a preset distance (up to 100 feet, decided by the activator). Once at its destination, the leather-clad trap thumper moves back toward its point of origin while clanging and whistling (DC 0 Listen check) to draw attention to its motion.

Starting the trap thumper takes 5 minutes and a DC 15 Use Technological Device check.

HR 5; 10 hp; Size Small; Weight 100 lb.; MR 5; TS 4; Craft DC 24; Price 230 gp.

(uarer PuRifieR

Description: This device consists of a glass bottle set in a stand with a burner at the bottom. The bottle has copper wire threaded through it; these wires connect to electrical wires at the top. A removable glass tube leads from the top of the flask to another flask.

Operation: The user pours befouled water into the copper wire flask. As the burner heats up, the wires shoot electrical currents through the water, killing anything living in it. Once the water boils, the steam is collected in the tube, and the purified water collects in the second flask. It takes 1 hour to purify 1 gallon of water.

The device requires a DC 15 Use Technological Device check to use.

Fuel: The water purifier uses 1 vial of liquid phlogiston for every 2 hours it runs.

HR 1; 3 hp; Size Diminutive; Weight 10 lb.; MR 1; TS 2; Craft DC 22; Price 240 gp.

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