TRuth DetectoR

Description: This complex device is employed in the city of Ratchet when the Venture Company is making an important deal with a new supplier and wants to ascertain whether or not the supplier is trustworthy. The creature being tested sits in a comfortable chair surrounded by an array of machinery, and is slowly and painstakingly connected to each and every one of those machines. Clamps on the ends of caliper arms help measure the movement between brow and jaw, tight elastic bands measure the contraction of muscles in the forearm, glass tubes filled with mercury track changes in temperature and pressure near the ears, and membranes pressed up against the chest help record the sound of liquids moving in the stomach. These measurements all feed back into a wardrobe-sized cabinet, and the result is shown by the movement of an arm mounted on a pivot on its exterior. If the arm points toward the painting of a full moon, the device is certain that the words spoken are the truth. As it swings along a line of waning moons towards the black disc of a new moon, it is increasingly likely that the subject speaks a falsehood. The device is surprisingly accurate; the results have led some mages and priests to reconsider the abilities of technology.

Operation: Once a subject is attached to the truth detector (a complicated process that takes 30 minutes to complete), the machine can make a Sense Motive check once per minute with a +9 bonus. A DC 20 Use Technological Device check is required each time. When the measuring instruments are not in use, the user can store them in the cabinet.

HR 5; 40 hp; Size Large; Weight 300 lb.; MR 2; TS 14; Craft DC 41; Price 5,370 gp.

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