Types of Concoctions

There are four kinds of products created through the use of true alchemy (as these heightened forms of alchemy are called).

Draughts: Draughts are mixtures that allow the imbiber to recover something that has been depleted. Draughts include healing mixtures, mana tinctures and a small variety of other substances. Draughts work immediately — they do not have a duration. However, draughts are difficult on the constitutions of those who drink them, and cannot be consumed more than once an hour. Attempting to consume another draught before this hour elapses causes the character to vomit up the draught (so it has no effect) and be sickened for 30 minutes.

Philters: A philter either augments already existing abilities or grants entirely new ones. Philters grant their benefits for a specific period of time, though the bonuses that they grant are explicitly non-stacking: Those who gain bonuses to a trait from a philter and any other source at the same time gain only the benefits of the best source. Each philter has a listed duration, and philters may be drunk once per round, with no unpleasant effects.

Alchemical Oils: Alchemical oils are not directly consumed; rather, they are applied to weapons and armors to grant them certain benefits. All alchemical oils last for 30 minutes before the effects wear off. Like philters, the bonuses from alchemical oils are explicitly non-stacking. Note that alchemical oils are not the same as magic oils, which are a category of magic item; thus, oils created through alchemy are always preceded by the word "alchemical."

Transmutations: The final kind of product is perhaps the strangest of them all. True alchemists are capable of transmuting certain materials into rarer, more alchemically pure materials. All transmutations require the use of the philosopher's stone, the making of which is the first transmutation the alchemist undertakes. In game mechanics, these processes allow the alchemist to expend experience points, transforming them into a gold piece value that can then be applied toward certain ends. Each transmutation has a base cost listed, which represents the purchase of the raw materials.

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