Wareness Pattern

Site: The pattern of Awareness is drawn from the top of Mount Farview, in the Stonetalon mountain range. The strange configuration of this mountain is such that those standing at or near the peak can see much further, the echoes of the surrounding peaks amplify all sounds, and the winds carry even the slightest scent to every nose.

Attunement: If you use a rune from this pattern on I. f yourself, multiply the duration by 10.

Awareness Pattern Runes

0 Mark of Lesser Vision: Subject gains low-light vision.

y ) 1 Mark of Lesser Awareness: Subject gains a

+ 10 insight bonus on next attack roll.

2 Mark of Awareness: Subject gains a +4 insight bonus to AC.

3 Mark of Vision: Subject gains darkvision and can see invisible objects.

4 Mark of Greater Awareness: Subject is alerted to magical eavesdropping.

5 Mark of Evasion: Subject gains improved evasion.

6 Mark of True Vision: Subject sees all things as they really are.

7 Mark of Sensing: Subject gains blindsight and scent.

8 Mark of Greater Sensing: Subject gains blindsight, scent and tremorsense.

9 Mark of Ultimate Awareness: Subject gains sixth-sense warnings of impending danger.

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