Wolf Snout

Description: After watching her father's dire wolf die at the hands of orc warlocks, an orc tinker did her best to try to replace the animal vital to her family. The programming of automaton animals was beyond her skills, but she discovered she could replicate the animal's nose for tracking purposes.

Operation: Shaped like a bellows, the nose has a device within that imprints a scent. The user pushes a button (a DC 10 Use Technological Device check) on the handle and puts the nose up to the scent she wishes to track. Then she releases the button and a light indicates if the scent has been imprinted or not. Once the nose has the scent, the user works the bellows in different directions (a DC 15 Use Technological Device check every 10 minutes). When the nose detects the scent, it lights up.

The nose gives the user a +4 circumstance bonus on Survival checks when using the Track feat. The nose can remember a smell for 1 hour; until then it cannot track another smell.

Fuel: The wolf snout uses 1 vial of liquid phlogiston for every 5 hours it runs.

HR 1; 3 hp; Size Diminutive; Weight 5 lb.; MR 2; TS 2; Craft DC 32; Price 340 gp.

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