ZeckeRs Cloak of MiRRoRs

Description: Some people do not let the memory of Zecker die; indeed, they claim he still lives and still creates. Although this cloak has no real connection with him, its intricate design is reminiscent of his talented hands. Skeptics claim that the cloak isn't as ingenious as his other inventions, but the believers say he doesn't have the same workshop that he did in the past, and he works with the materials he has.

Operation: Woven entirely of two-toned metal wires thinner than silk and highly polished, this cloak reflects everything around it when donned. When the wearer is surrounded by terrain such as a forest or a stone quarry, she receives a +6 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks to hide. Indoors, the bonus is +2.

If choosing to hide in conditions of low-light or darkness, the user hits a button on the cloak's clasp and the wires shift, causing the cloak to absorb light, granting the user a + 6 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks to hide.

The wire in the cloak gives the wearer a +2 armor bonus to AC. The cloak has no armor check penalty or arcane spell failure chance.

The cloak requires 1 round to switch from reflective to black. Switching between modes requires a DC 15 Use Technological Device check. Activating the cloak (to gain all its benefits) is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Doing so requires a DC 20 Use Technological Device check, as the protective mechanisms are complex and hidden in the cloak.

Fuel: The cloak runs for 2 hours on 1 vial of liquid phlogiston.

AC 2; HR 1; 3 hp; Size Diminutive; Weight 10 lb.; MR 2; TS 3; Craft DC 23; Price 1,030 gp.

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