Beast Family Runes

0 Mark of the Cat: Subject gains a bonus on next Dexterity-based skill check.

1 Markof the Tiger: Natural weapon does more damage.

2 Mark of the Beast: Subject gains +4 to Constitution, Dexterity or Strength for 2 minutes.

3 Mark of the Badger: Subject flies into a rage, like a barbarian.

4 Mark of the Imp: Subject gains fast healing 2.

5 Mark of the Werewolf: Subject gains damage reduction of 10/silver.

6 Mark of the Golem: Subject gains natural armor and damage reduction.

7 Mark of the Snake: One natural weapon is endowed with venom sacs.

8 Mark of the Basilisk: Subject can make gaze attacks.

? Mark of the Dragon: Subject gains a breath attack.

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