Minor: The character hears voices at odd times. They occasionally lead him into dangerous places or try to trick him. The character may use a free action to make a DC 13 Will save; if successful, he will realize the voice was an illusion.

Moderate: When the caster casts illusion spells, he also becomes convinced the effects are real. Reminding himself of the magical nature of his illusions requires a standard action and a DC 15 Will save.

If the character has murdered someone, he will be tormented by a "ghost companion" who appears to him (and only him), mocks him, and engages in long, philosophical conversations that encourage him to perform more violent and evil actions. If the character is in a moral crisis, the "ghost" will help find as many rationalizations for evil behavior as possible. A concerted effort of will (a standard action and a successful DC 15 Will save) dismisses the ghost until the character goes to sleep.

Major: The character finds distinguishing between fantasy and reality difficult, and is constantly bedeviled by visions of friends betraying him, conspiring against him, and committing other acts that are prone to provoke a violent (or evil) response. If a PC suspects that she perceives a vision, she must take a full-round action and make a DC 20 Will save to break through the vision and behold reality. Spells such as true seeing will also penetrate this type of delusion.

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