Minor: The character's flesh is cold to the touch. Wounds and blemishes, unless immediately treated, take on a rotted, infected appearance.

Moderate: The character fails to heal by natural means, but must use magic (either arcane or divine)

to effect any healing. In a 60-foot radius around the character, the air feels like the proverbial grave. Animals will shun this area unless directed by a rider (no Ride check is necessary) or a master, and any Will saves against fear are made with a -1 penalty. A detect undead spell will detect a faint aura around the character.

Major: The character now prefers death to life. He sleeps in coffins or surrounded by the undead. He has trouble tolerating living creatures. If he sees anyone attacking an undead creature, even if that person is attempting to defend him, he must make a DC 20 Will save to suppress the urge to defend the undead. The character will look sympathetically upon death cults and seek the secrets that will allow him to transform himself into a lich. Such characters are almost certain to look upon the Scourge with favor.

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