Dagger Destroyer Aka Back Mcstabby

Purpose: To deal as much damage in a party situation with daggers as possible. This build is designed to clone the role of a Rogue from old tabletop RPGs.


Malice - rank 5/5 Ruthlessness - rank 3/3

Improved Slice and Dice - rank 3/3 Relentless Strikes - rank 1/1 Lethality - rank 5/5


Improved Sinister Strike - rank 2/2 Lightning Reflexes - rank 5/5 Improved Backstab - rank 3/3 Precision - rank 5/5 Dagger Specialization - rank 5/5 Blade Flurry - rank 1/1


Camouflage - rank 5/5 Opportunity - rank 5/5 Improved Ambush - rank 3/3

This build is highly dependent on daggers, and is not meant for leveling. The goal is to get as many attacks from behind as reasonably possible. Open with Ambush (+55% crit chance, 5% from Malice, 5% from Dagger Specialization, 45% from talent) because it will crit the vast majority of the time for over 690% of your weapon damage plus 600. Hold your energy high, and whenever it hits 100 you should use Gouge, get behind the target and Backstab it. You will end up with a 50-70% crit chance for Backstab, and it will really hurt.

In instance groups when you can get behind opponents, they will drop almost instantly. There will be much less "button mashing" since it takes 6 seconds for your energy to regenerate enough for a Backstab. Do avoid using Deadly Poison with this build, as it can break your gouge.

Ideal weapons include The Barman's Shanker from Plugger Spazzrig in Blackrock Depths, and the Lobotomizer from becoming exalted in Alterac Valley. Clearly, you need agility, crit chance, and additional attack power to land the most devastating blows possible. Health is of secondary concern when your opponent dies so quickly.

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