Dual Wield Specialization Superb

< Offhand weapons normally do 50% of normal damage, this talent increases that to 75% of

■ normal. To put it in perspective, if you have two identical weapons, and the one in your main hand does 100.0 damage per second (dps) according to your character screen and the one in your offhand will be listed at 50.0 dps. Because of game mechanics, without Precision and Improved Dual Wield, the actual dps of these two weapons is 95 and 37.5. With Precision and

' Improved Dual Wield you achieve 100.0 and 60.0 where the game lists 100.0 and 75.0 for

■ you. The net change shows you gain 27.5 damage per second from normal attacks, or 20.7% of the total displayed damage without these two talents. You can always use more damage, and the better your equipment the more of a difference this talent will make.

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