Equipment Guide

Want to know where to find the best daggers in the game? Swords? Maces? Armor or Fist Weapons? Look no further. This section is a compendium of the most useful items for rogues before raid instances. The truly inspiring drops are found within Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and Ahn'Qiraj, and one example piece will be shown in each category in order to give you a taste for what awaits you. All of the items listed here are drops and can theoretically be * obtained on a single run. You will find quests and other items, some slightly more powerful which will take quite a bit more time and effort to obtain. Once you understand what those items are, and how to go about getting them, you will have long since mastered your class and not need to look back at this list.

The main thing for a rogue is his weapon, so we'll hit those first. Daggers

The Best: Dragonfang Blade (55.3 dps, 1.80 speed, 69-130 damage, +16 agility and 13 stamina). Vaelestraz the Corrupt, Blackwing Lair

Excellent: Scout's Blade or Sentinel's Blade (41.5dps, 1.70 speed, 49-92 damage, +13 agility and 5 stamina). Reputation reward from Warsong Gultch

Good: Heartseeker (41.5 dps, 1.70 speed, 49-92 damage, +4 strength, +1% critical chance) Crafted.

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