Free Gold and Other Fun Ways to Earn Money as a Rogue

As obvious as it sounds, rogues have a few skills that other classes just don't. Picking locks ' is the easiest one of them, and everyone inevitably comes around these little green lockboxes t holding lots of treasure. Then they have a problem, it costs money to open them if they are a . blacksmith anyway, and otherwise they have one person to turn to—you.

So set up shop when you're bored sometime in a major city and offer to open lockboxes over . the trade channel. Be sure to identify your location and the best type of box you know you can open (if your skill is 225 or higher, you can open anything). Some people will volunteer tips to you, and you should stick repeat customers on your friends list. Look them up periodically when you get to town, and offer to open their boxes. After spending a few weeks building up * a group of loyal customers, I often bring in io-20g/hour on Friday from 6-7pm (just before I swap to my druid to run Zul'Gurrub).

Pockets are there, and for some inexplicable reason the loot in these pockets is mysteriously destroyed during combat. So whenever you are short on cash you should sneak into an instance with humanoids (Deadmines, Razorfen Kraul, Scarlet Monastery, Zul'Farrak, Blackrock Depths, and Lower Blackrock Spire). If you are solo, take a waltz through the instance and steal from everyone you can.

A fun thing to do is go in and scout instances for rare monsters, and once you find the ones you want, form a party to run the instance. This way, you have some control of the monsters inside—and you can often bribe other people into coming if you can guarantee that "Panzar the Invincible" is up in Blackrock Depths.

Stealth runs are another option. For this you need two druids (preferably) or a druid and a dodge-based rogue. Sneak into somewhere like the bar in Blackrock Depths and unstealth to kill the bosses (Hurley Blackbreath, Ribbly Screwspigot, Phalanx). You need to avoid the dogs, so the Arena is out, but you can take General Angerforge by just pulling the guards at the1 top of his ramp and on the level where he stands.

Do not attempt Argelmach, but proceed into the bar to take on Hurley Blackbreath. After smashing the brew cans, stealth and sap as many of the guards as you can before starting the fight. You can pull Ribbly into the room with Evasion and kill all of his guards if you are good.

You can then trigger Phalanx by providing six Dark Iron Ale to Private Rocknot. I've heard rumors that you can use the four remaining Dark Iron Ale to pull Plugger Spazzrig solo. In order to use the ale, place it near a bar patron and wait for them to be stunned by the ale mug. If you attack during the stun, they will come alone.

Once you have cleared the area near Plugger, touch the boar next to him and he will attack you, fight him in the room with Lokthos Darkbargainer. You can then sneak to Ambassador Flamelash, and may need a full party from here on.

After killing Flamelash, sneak to the Tomb of the Seven and fight them, once cleared, you can sneak to the Core Fragment, or stealth the Lyceum. To get through here in stealth, set loot to free for all and have your druids sneak to the door at the far side. The two or more rogues sneak around looking for the flame carriers, Ambush them (should go down in one hit) loot the torches, and Vanish.

Once Vanish is ready again, the rogues go in tandem to the torches, one rogue lures the fireguard off while the second activates the torch. As soon as the second rogue returns to stealth, the first uses Vanish and then they trade off on the second torch.

With the door open, you will be able to proceed to the Imperial Seat. Make sure to clear the whole area before fighting Thaurissian, as he calls all remaining dwarves to his aid. You will need a druid tank and a druid healer for this, at least two rogues for the Lyceum, and the fifth member can be anyone with stealth.

The best targets in Lower Blackrock Spire are Mother Smolderweb, Shadow Hunter Vosh'Gaijin, Warmaster Voone, Halycon, and Omokk. You need two druids for Halycon (one feral tank, one to heal), and for Vosh'Gaijin you need at least one rogue with improved sap.

You have to sap and pull the four trolls in the room just before Vosh'Gaijin (use the ramp to fight), and then sap both guards while you slay the Shadow-Hunter. In the case of Omokk, just sap his adds and kill him as fast as you can. The others are easy fights.

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