General Abilities

Unlike other classes, a fully developed rogue has some unique abilities which don't fall into the three "spell tabs" of the spellbook. These general abilities are predominantly passive.

The Poisons skill is the ability to make poisons to apply to your weapons. This functions like any other trade skill except you do not need to buy additional ranks of it. Every time you increase a level, your maximum poisons skill increases to a final total of 300. Poisons can be used to do everything from increase damage to crippling your opponent by reducing movement speed, healing spell effect, or casting speed. When you have trouble with enemy healers, remember to use Wounding Poison!

Lockpicking grants a rogue the ability to bypass doors without keys and open treasure chests in dungeons. This means that you only have to worry about keys to a very small set of doors

! that are magically sealed (Upper Blackrock Spire and Onyxia's Lair for example). This skill is also used to pick open the locked boxes you can get by using pick pocket on opponents—extra loot and more lockpicking skill. Lockpicking is limited to five times your level, but once you reach 225 skill you can open any type of lockbox that is not obtained by picking pockets. So just offer to open them in cities while waiting on groups as it will both increase your skill and more often than not will earn you 10 or more gold per hour in tips for doing almost nothing.

Detect Traps is a passive skill which allows you to see traps from much farther away than most people. With this skill, it is possible to avoid pesky things like freezing traps and other such obstacles which are commonly laid down by hunters. You can also see traps in Stratholme, though few other instances in the game actually have any.

Disarm Traps is another skill you have. This requires the use of Thieves' Tools and forces you . to get a little too close to traps in PvP situations. Not to mention you still have to drop stealth in order to disarm them. Until Blizzard changes the implementation of this ability, forget you have it except to disarm trapped crates in bad places inside Stratholme.

Safe Fall is obtained at level 40, and effectively reduces the distance of any fall by 20 yards. This skill can save your life when evading a pursuer or from accidentally falling off a short : cliff. Do not take it as a reason to go skydiving off the Twin Colossals in Feralas—that is why ■ the vendor up top sells Colossal Parachutes. Do, however, sprint off the edge and deploy your parachute about halfway down.

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