Improved Deadly Poison Good

Let me be honest with you, the World of Warcraft community will laugh if they know you have this talent. Why is an extra 15% chance to apply Deadly Poison so good if you already get 5 debuffs stacked when using this on your main hand weapon? The point everyone misses is that you can now stack 5 debuffs by only using this poison on your offhand weapon, freeing up ' the main hand for something more important like Crippling Poison, Mind Numbing Poison, Wounding Poison, or Instant Poison. Note that you will not always get to 5 debuffs, but your chances are improved by chance-to-hit gear, and a fast offhand weapon. Since your offhand weapon speed has no impact on its overall damage, I'd recommend getting one as fast as possible. If you have +8% to hit (3% from gear and 5 points in precision) a 2.4 speed weapon will have an 89% chance to stack to 5 poisonings, and a 1.7 speed weapon will have a 98% chance to stack to 5 poisonings. With +0% to hit, those chances are about 50% and 80%. The only reason this talent is neither Superb nor Excellent is because higher level monsters and some elementals are entirely immune to poisons.

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