Initial Rogue Quests for Alliance and Horde Alliance

Night Elf rogues should begin by talking to Jannok Breezesong in Dolanaar, who will direct them to Erion Shadewhisper in Darnassus. From there, you will be sent to contact Renzik "The Shiv" at SI:7 in Stormwind City and join the rest of the Alliance.

Dwarves and Gnomes will need to speak with Hogral Bakkan in Dun Morogh, he will ask you J to speak with Hulfdan in Ironforge who will then send you to SI:7 in Stormwind City to speak with Renzik "The Shiv." The rogue trainer in Stormwind will send humans to speak with Renzik "The Shiv."

From here, all members of the alliance will be sent to speak with Lucius. He is on the docks in Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains.

Simply walk out of Stormwind and take the road east. You will pass through Goldshire and into the Redridge Mountains where signs will point you north across a bridge into Lakeshire. He will ask you to retrieve an item from Alther's Mill, which is northeast of Lakeshire. If you take the path out of the village for a minute or so, you will see the mill just after some Blackrock Orcs.

There are five chests inside the mill, and no monsters inside it (a few spiders outside). Picking the locks on these chests with the Thieves' Tools you just received will raise your skill up to a maximum of 125, or five times your level, whichever is lower. Returning the token to Lucius will reward you with a useless certificate and some experience, the reward should probably be discarded.

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